Services & Rates

Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes: $45.00
45 minutes: $55.00
60 minutes: $70.00
90 minutes: $95.00
120 minutes: $150.00

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Choose the type of massage you prefer or I can combine the two to what I believe your body needs.

Swedish massage is the most commonly offered massage technique, utilizing a firm pressure on the muscles. It involves a series of long yet gliding strokes.

Swedish massage is given to increase blood circulation, easing the tension in the body’s muscles and improving the muscles’ flexibility. It stimulates the skin as well as the nervous system to soothe the nerves, reducing both emotional and physical stress. In fact the massage is a staple in most stress management programs. A Swedish massage is given to help with increasing the flow of oxygen in the blood, releasing toxins from the body’s muscles flushing the lactic acids, uric acids, and other type of metabolic wastes out of the body tissues. It can really shorten the recovery time for a muscular strain!!

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that aims at affecting the deeper tissue structure of the muscles. It also affects the connective tissue, known as fascia. Deep tissue massage helps with both small muscle injuries as well as chronic problems. Deep tissue massage is an excellent way to deal with a whiplash or sports injury, postural misalignment, treating spasms as well as muscle tension. During a deep tissue massage the therapist concentrates on releasing specific chronic muscle tension as well as the muscular knots, or adhesions.

Deep Tissue massage is a series of slow, specific and deliberate strokes and is best suited for postural deviances and abnormal muscle tone.

The massage therapist will choose between several strokes depending on the size of the muscle that they are working on. They will “hook in” and start a slow moving down the muscle as it lets them.

The pressure used should not be painful, but should walk a fine line between pleasurable release of tension and a pain-blocking response from the body (tensing up).

Couples Massage

60 minutes: $112.00

Schedule two 60 minute massages back to back at same location, such as with a spouse or significant other and receive a discounted price.

Add hot stone or warm bamboo for $10 extra per person.

On-site corporate Chair Massage

10-20 minutes per employee: $70 / hour

Chair massages are a guaranteed way to bring a positive atmosphere to any event or corporate wellness program.

If you are thinking about a corporate Chair massage program for your office or company as part of your wellness benefits package, you will want to consider the benefits to employees and your company. Whether you provide massage regularly, just during crunch times, or as an employee appreciation treat, massage can really make a difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health.

Find out more about on-site chair massage by contacting me.

Hot Stone Therapy

45 minutes: $65.00
60 minutes: $80.00
90 minutes: $105.00
120 minutes: $150.00

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. 

Warm Bamboo

45 minutes: $65.00
60 minutes: $80.00
90 minutes: $105.00
120 minutes: $150.00

 Bamboo massage is one of the newer techniques to be practiced worldwide.

The technique involves warm bamboo sticks being used by the therapist instead of their hands. This allows the therapist to apply more pressure, and with less stress on their own hands and wrists.

Bamboo sticks are smooth and give the client a very deep and penetrating massage. Enabling work to be done on muscular injuries and other deep-tissue issues.